Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Culinary Revenge #3: (North) Philly's Koreantown

I've lived in Philly for seven years but to be honest, this is my first time venturing up the (North) Philly Korean town. What a disgrace because they do have GOOD stuffs!

Elkins Park, along with the Upper Darby, are the predominantly Korean neighborhoods in Philly. As of any predominantly ethnic neighborhoods, they do have good food that you can't find anywhere else in the city. Getting there is quite a trip, but it's totally worthwhile. As I entered the H Mart complex, I was just hooked by the Paris Baguette pastry shop. Self-serve bakery is a concept I dearly miss from my rumspringapore months, and Paris Baguette takes self-serve bakery into a whole new level. Wide variety of quality French and Asian bread, pastries, desserts, and cakes. They also serve coffee, tea, and smoothies, plus they do have a cozy seating area. I felt like a little kid at a candy shop. I just wanted to try everything!

Since it was during lunch time, I decided to just da bao a chocolate croissant for dinner at home later (which was out of the world!). I went upstairs to what they call "More Food Court", and once again, I was being nostalgic about my rumspringapore months. It's an "air-con hawker centre", as my Singaporean friends would call it. The difference though is that you order and pay first at the cashier, then wait for your order number to be displayed at the stalls you ordered from. Three stalls serve Korean food, while one other stall serves Japanese bento and sushi.

I ordered the haemool bokum jajangmyun, which is noodle stir-fried with seafood and black bean sauce. It was really good, and for the price, it was a super generous portion. The pictures at the cashier was deceiving in a good way: they look smaller than they actually are.


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