Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elmwood Park Gem #2: Juicy Platters

I've found another gem near  Elmwood Park! Well, technically this place is located at the border of Fair Lawn and Elmwood Park, but whatever.

I'm a big fan of falafel, and I haven't had one since my days patronizing University City halal food trucks. Juicy Platters definitely fulfill my cravings!

I came here one Saturday, 11 AM at the dot (that's what time they're supposed to be open). The cashier graciously opened the locked door for me.

And you might guessed already, I went ahead and ordered my falafel wrap with salad. So good, so much healthier and hygienic compared to whatever I used to feed myself back in my college days. I was so tempted to buy a bottle of the white sauce too!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elmwood Park Gem #1: Mama Fina's

I am not Filipino.

But 100% of Filipinos that I've met always thought of me as one.
To them I do look like one, and the warmth of their hearts always make me feel like I belong.
I found that same warmth at Mama Fina's House of Filipino Sisig :)

I came in on a Saturday on 11 right at the dot. The ladies were cheerfully welcoming me as if I was a Filipino. They spoke Tagalog and made me feel like a part of their family.

I went ahead and ordered the famous pork sisig. Boy, it came in a sizzling skillet! I've never had this dish before, so I'll try my best to describe it. It was kind of like chopped bacon, but the only difference is that it was 100x more flavorful than that. Have it with rice, and you'll feel the comfort indescribable with words.

Also, this young coconut water is not to be missed. It has pulps in it, which is as real as it could get in a non-tropic climate.

To close my awesome brunch off, I ordered halo-halo. I love how they gave me a "bonus" flan on top.

From what I've seen, they were very busy taking orders for pick-up and delivery. I guess most of the Filipinos here would rather entertain their family and friends at the comfort of their home, rather than going to some restaurant. Anyhow, I'm definitely coming back for some more :)