Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, Snow Day, and What's Good for Snow Day


I hope everyone's New Year was a blast. 2013 was definitely a very monumental year for me, despite of all the negative feelings most people had about that year. 2012 ended with full of uncertainties and thoughts that my story would be different, but hey, 2013 ended 10,000x better than I thought at the start. The year might've ended, but I would always remember 2013 as a year of so much stress but the good that came out eventually was just overwhelmingly awesome.

As a start to my 2014, my office closed on our 2nd workday into the year due to the Hercules storm. It was snowing about 9 inches where I live.

It was definitely a good day of rest, catching up with laundry, ironing, sewing, and reflecting on what I would like to accomplish this year. This snow also reminded me of food. Specifically: Taiwanese snowy desserts, for which I've found a nearly-good substitute for my snowy dessert craving:

Momofuku milk bar in New York City, that's where it is. Both of the items above are their signature items.
The cereal milk topped with crushed corn flakes kinda looked small to me at first, but boy, they could fit/give quite a lot in that one tiny cup.  Compost cookie, which is my kind of dream cookie, pretty much has everything good in it like chocolate, pretzel bits, oats, butter-scotch, potato chips, and heaven knows what else. I just wished they came in smaller size to prevent me from getting cavities lol.

The East Village location has very very tiny space, only fit 4 at a time to stand on their window bar, and maybe another 4 on the outdoor store-front bench. Definitely don't go here in groups or with young children because it can get quite irritating (for you and other guests).


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