Saturday, January 4, 2014

European Brunch(es)

One day, I just decided to wander around brunch-hopping from one place to another, and yes these places are walking-distance from Chinatown. I didn't quite drink even though these places serve alcohols, but hey, who needs a drink when you get to eat good brunch? :D

Cafe Katja

This place is totally a wiener (pardon my pun lol). Very authentically German, with very cozy atmosphere and decent selection of drinks. I went here for a brunch of wiener schnitzel/cucumber-potato salad/preiselbeeren and it was definitely the quality that I expected. You might heard a saying that Germans like to eat everything cold. Well, this platter really went along with that saying.

Funny thing during my brunch was that the place next door was "surprised" by the sanitation department. I happened to sit by the window and watched it all. It wasn't anything big, just random inspection. And the super-friendly waiter explained what typically happens during that kind of inspection.


Tucked in a quiet corner of Chinatown, away from the hustling and bustling of meat markets and rows of tourist shops, I've found my oasis at Skal. The homey vintage decoration really made me feel so calm and warm. Topped with the super-friendly Scandinavian-accent-speaking servers, my Skal experience was way different than any other. For a second, I almost forgot that I was in New York City.

Embracing myself as a weirdo eater,  I totally went for the Salt Cod Hash, Lamb Tongue, Hyssop, Confit Potatoes and a Runny Egg. It was quite and adventurous plate, but I loved it. Their menu is very original and of high quality, so the prices definitely worth it (well, not too often for me though!)


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