Monday, October 21, 2013

Throwback to RumSpringapore at Nyonya

What's up foodies! Hope your Monday is fine so far!

Last weekend, as usual, I spent my Saturday in New York City. My lunch picking this time was Nyonya, a Malaysian restaurant in between Chinatown and Little Italy. The first time I heard the name, I thought it was a Peranakan restaurant (think of Babi Pongteh, Ayam Buah Keluwak, etc). But no, they just serve regular Malaysian fare.

To start off, I ordered Roti Canai for appetizer and Penang Laksa for main dish. The server should've paid a little more attention to my Sino-Malay face, btw. He offered a "kind" advice that Laksa is a very sour and hot dish. D'oh! Didn't my face gave it enough? Didn't my Singlish accent *ahem* give even a hint?

Alas, they both came at the same time, served by 2 different servers. I didn't know whether to feel like a queen or feel like a greedy person.

Something was wrong with the Roti Canai sauce. The piece of potato in it tasted so bland, it tasted like the potato just got dipped to the sauce as I ordered.

Off to drinks and desserts. Teh Tarik was fine, but the Chendol had too many ice on it my tongue almost burned.

Speaking of service, not the best Malaysian service I know. Servers are very unknowledgeable and unflexible with customizing the dish. They asked the manager, and came back with either can't or can-but-we'll-charge-you-the-same-price (goodness gracious the one girl across my table was only asking for the broth of Mee Siam and they were gonna charge full price!). And they did hand me the bill when I was 2 slurps into my dessert. How rude!

I like how I can freely people-watch here, but I'd rather wait until another time I'm back in Philly for some Banana Leaf or Penang goodness :P


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