Sunday, September 22, 2013

North Jersey Foodventure #1: Bhoj

So after living here in Elmwood Park, NJ for quite a while, I started my own list of foodventure destinations in North Jersey (and possibly New York City). My first stop is right in town: Bhoj Indian Restaurant.

This humble joint is kinda easy to miss to its location. It's right on the corner of a shopping complex without any huge sign. Anyhow, once you enter in, you won't even feel like you're in Elmwood Park. It was really quiet for a Saturday lunch, with Indian folk music playing in the backdrop. There were only one server (could've been the son of the owner) who seated me right away as I entered, served me water, and gave me the go-ahead for the buffet table.

There were about 10 entrees selections+salad with various Indian dressing. As how it is with any other buffet, I like to try a little bit of everything then come back for two or three I love the most. At first, I was kinda puzzled not being able to find the naan on the buffet table. "What would an Indian meal be without it?"  thought. But surprise surprise, the server brought a bucket of fresh-from-the-oven naan to my table! The fact that they only serve the freshest naan is quite a luxury to me.

What I'd totally recommend are the butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and the variety of dals. I guess I also hit the jackpot that day because they had my favorite snack bhel phuri, as well as dessert: gajar halwa.


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